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About this journal

Founded more than 100 years ago, in 1902, Állattani Közlemények is one of the most renowned Hungarian journals on natural history. The journal is published by the Hungarian Biological Society (Magyar Biológiai Társaság) as the official organ of its Zoological Section.

Állattani Közlemények publishes original research articles and review papers of high-quality from all disciplines of zoology including faunistics, systematics, zoogeography, paleontology, conservation, anatomy and morphology, physiology, ecology, ecophysiology, genetics, and history of zoological science. The language of the papers is Hungarian, but the title, keywords, abstract and captions for figures and tables are also given in English.

All contributions meeting the above criteria are welcome. Each submission is reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.

The journal regularly reports on the meetings of the Hungarian Biological Society’s Zoological Section by publishing the abstracts of lectures.

Editors of the Állattani Közlemények since 1902 till now:

Lajos Méhely: 1-6 (1902-1907)
Lajos Soós: 7-17 (1908-1918)
Zoltán Szilády: 18-21 (1919-1922)
Géza Fejérváry: 22, 23 (1922-1926)
Lajos Soós: 23, 24-40 (1926-1943)
Árpád Soós: 41-43 (1944-1946)
Vilmos Székessy: 44-46 (1954-1957)
István Andrássy: 46-81 (1957-1996)
Gábor Bakonyi: 82-90 (1997-2005)
Zoltán Korsós: 91-100 (2006-2015)
László Dányi: 101-104 (2016-2020)
Hornung Erzsébet: 105 (2020-

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