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Állattani Közlemények (Zoological Communications) is the official journal of the Zoological Section of the Hungarian Biological Society

Founded in 1902
Web: http://www.mbt-biologia.hu/gen/pro/mod/alo/alo_kiiras.php?i_szo_azo=9

ISSN 0002-5658 (Print)
ISSN  (Online)

© Hungarian Biological Society (Magyar Biológiai Társaság)
Baross u. 13., Budapest, H-1088 Hungary
Telephone: +36-1-225-3273
E-mail: mbt@mbt-biologia.hu
Web: www.mbt-biologia.hu
Responsible for publishing: Zoltán Korsós, President of the Hungarian Biological Society
Responsible editor: Erzsébet Hornung
Editorial Office: University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, H-1078 Budapest, István u. 2.
This journal is published with financial support from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Indexed by:
MTMT (since 2015 / vol. 100)
DOI  (DOI: 10.20331/AllKoz.).
EBSCO Academic Search Premier
Arcanum ADT,
MTA REAL repository (individual papers)
MTA REAL-J repository (complete volumes)

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